Putting Pests to the Test

Your home is your haven, your castle – the place where you live, breathe, create and play. The last thing you want are for pests to make themselves comfortable.

If you’ve noticed that you just have a small problem, a little online research will provide you with a number of suggestions on how to prevent pests. You might even find some of the ingredients in your cupboard. Here are some suggestions:

  • Plant peppermint, bay leaves and/or hot pepper in your garden to keep rodents away.
  • If ants are your problem, it’s been said lemon juice, cinnamon, peppermint and/or boiling water with dish soap can help.

Home remedies aren’t your thing? You can also try some sprays, traps and powders. A visit to your local hardware store will show you that there are plenty of options you can explore. Just be sure to read the directions to ensure the treatment fits your home.

In case pests continue to be a problem, it’s always best to get a professional involved.

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